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Your one stop shop for your business needs to succeed in the digital world.

Website Design

Every design comes with a vision. My responsibility is to make your vision a reality using todays trends of design, color and style.

Video Production

A website itself is not going to cut it. Paired with your own custom video and photography, you are guaranteed to have a complete custom solution for your business.

Digital Marketing

I have the strategic formula for growth and the same formula is applied to all web based businesses that come to us to help them grow their traffic and sales.


Check out the documentation! These case studies will help you understand if I am a right fit for you.

A poster we have designed for Tio Hardiman Website.
A logo we have designed for Tio Hardiman Website.


Utilizing complementary colors is key to great design.

A poster we have designed for Tio Hardiman Website.
A logo we have designed for Tio Hardiman Website.
Landing page design for the Tio Hardiman website campaign.
Next Up Gamez.
My Shapers.
STG Media.
STG Media.
Awaken Blossom.
Awaken Blossom.
Andra Dobrin.
Andra Dobrin.
Studio Sym.
Studio Sym.

Our Website Design, Development
and Optimization Process

Here is an overview of how we approach each new project.

The Planning Stage

  • Client interview
  • Gather consumer data
  • Create content strategy
  • Analyze research

The Development Stage

  • Build wireframe
  • Gather client feedback
  • Code development
  • Marketing review

The Launching Stage

  • Deploy website
  • Market product launch
  • Collect UX data
  • Quarterly maintenence

Here is what others have to say

This is how HackSprout has helped others succeed.

Ome testimonial on NaomeMakeup.com

"I appreciated his suggestions as it showed he cared a lot to understand."

Sebastian was wonderful to work with throughout our project! We are even currently working on another project as I enjoyed working with him to use his awesome web developer skills again. It was a learning experience for both of us and he was very patient with me and my team as we gave feedback and edits to our project. I appreciated his suggestions as it showed he cared a lot to understand the retail real estate industry. Sebastian is very responsive and always does the research to provide the best service that he can. I would definitely recommend Sebastian to anyone who is considering his services!
- Monique Wolf, MidAmerica Group

Ome testimonial on NaomeMakeup.com

"He was able to translate my vision into a great functioning website."

Sebastian was very easy to work with! He was able to translate my vision into a great functioning website. I have had similar situations with other programmers and there was always a barrier to communicating what my vision was and what was done on the website. With Sebastian he was on point the whole way through. He even exceeding my expectations by being creative and adding unique features to the website that enhanced upon my vision. Was refreshing to work with someone that was patient and was fully engaged from start to finish. I Highly recommend Sebastian for any other business owners looking for a modern unique full functioning website.
- Jeff Svihra, The File Center / Federalcos

Ome testimonial on NaomeMakeup.com

"From the beginning Sebastian was methodical and detailed."

Sebastian Gheorghiu and his team designed and created an awesome website for my Martial Arts Ministry. From the beginning Sebastian was methodical and detailed on what questions I needed to ask myself and my team so that he could create a professional site. He provided a road map and it was obvious that it mattered to him what the end result looked like. I am very pleased with the quality and I am proud to ask people to visit our site. I look forward to hiring his company again to further enhance our site and build one for another business I have. I recommend Sebastian and HackSprout to anyone interested in a first quality website at a fair price.
- James Charles Lamoureux, Master Instructor of Christian Tae Kwon Do Academy, Inc.

Ome testimonial on NaomeMakeup.com

"Calm, intelligent and expressed an advanced knowledge of the latest tech ideas."

My name is Dr. Alison Thompson and for the past 15 years I have run a volunteer organization called Third Wave volunteers. Each year as new disasters occur our volunteer numbers grow in the 1000's and we have never had much money to create a website but with volunteers growing at a fast rate it was time to unite.

Sebastian Gheorghiu came to us like an angel reaching down out of the darkness. He was recommended to me through a trusted friend but I had long been wary of computer geeks creating websites because I didn't think they could relate to our volunteer work (with most of us living a rough life out in tents during disasters) but I was very wrong.

On our first call Sebastian proved that he was not only aligned with our mission but had cool, hip, relevant ideas to bring to the table. He carefully listened to my needs and ideas and a fun brainstorming collaboration followed. Our first success was his creation of an amazing Third Wave Logo, which gave me confidence in knowing that our new website was in capable hands.

Sebastian was always calm and intelligent and expressed an advanced knowledge of the latest tech ideas. He was ready available when ever I had questions and took the initiative to call me with new ideas to make our website even better.

I'm so blown away by our beautiful website, it is way beyond my expectations and I also have made a lifelong friend. I recommend Sebastian to anyone who is in need of exceptional work.
- Dr. Alison Thompson, Ambassador to the Haitian Ministry of Environment and Founder of Third Wave volunteers

Ome testimonial on NaomeMakeup.com

"Game Changers Corp will continue retaining this diamond in the rough."

Game Changers Corp is extremely blessed to have crossed paths with Sebastian Gheorghiu. His passion for technology combined with his acumen, ability to work autonomously, and humbleness makes him unique. Anyone desiring an application and or website development services would be smart to do their due diligence by engaging him. Meanwhile, Game Changers Corp will continue retaining this diamond in the rough named Sebastian Gheorghiu.
- Todd Schweich, CEO at Game Changers Corp

Ome testimonial on NaomeMakeup.com

"Did a great job in taking me from the beginning to the end."

Sebastian did a great job in taking me from the beginning to the end of my website development. He is great at explaining things for me so that I can understand all that I need to in order to utilize all that he did for me. He is very knowledgeable and creative.
- Cosmin Bota, Entrepreneur, Investor and Relationship Builder

Ome testimonial on NaomeMakeup.com

"I can confidently say that I am overly satisfied."

I'm not sure if I can emphasize enough how satisfied and impressed my business partner and I are by Sebastian's work. It was a rather frustrating process trying to find the perfect website developer, until we came across Sebastian. Not only was his work flawless and polished, his sense of professionalism and eagerness to help execute our desired outcome was incomparable. Although we had a rather structured idea of what we wanted our website to look like to effectively represent our brand, we also struggled with some of the details that we wished to display. Without hesitation, Sebastian was able to use his intelligence and experience to help portray our vision. If there were any changes/additions we hoped to see or assistance we needed, he was easy to approach and always willing to help.

He went beyond fixing "problems" for us; rather, he took the time to provide us with thorough instructions in order for us to understand each part of the process. He is undoubtedly knowledgeable in his field and by no means do we think you have any reason to refrain from partnering with him or receiving his services. As for any new partnership, open communication and regular feedback are always beneficial to ensuring a strong future and successfully executing desired outcomes.
- Omehabiba Khan, CEO at NAOME

Gabi from Awaken Blossom shares her testimonial

"The next level of image and branding."

Sebastian is the New Age of Technology developer in the Tech world. His vision and creative expertise brings, small business and non-profit companies to the next level of image and branding. Sebastian is very articulate with an exceptional vivid perception in the nature of marketing. Highly Recommend for website developer and brand image.
- Gabriela H. Ardila, President/Co-Founder at Awaken/Blossom Foundation

subhaan ashrafi shares his testimonial about hacksprout - chicago website design and development

"The greatest investment I have ever made for my business."

Of course I was a little hesitant. However, after we talked for the first time discussing business, website development, etc., I knew this was the right decision. I chose HackSprout because not only did they display professionalism, they showed an immense amount of passion toward helping develop an amazing website. There are many individuals with similar skill and businesses; however, passion in my opinion is definitely what put HackSprout on the top of my list. Couldn’t be happier with my decision. I simply wanted a developer who not only can do the job, but also communicate well and efficiently with a passion similar to mine. I was hesitant that this was a rare commodity to find. The passion was there, and more importantly, a friendship was made. My perception changed greatly, and I am sure many others will change as well! I loved the discussions around my website, I was part of it. Their knowledge about business and digital marketing is prestigious. The developer gave great advice, which I really valued at the time and still value today. I am so satisfied today with the website. Not only am I satisfied, thousands and thousands of people are as well. Personality, passion, incredible skill and work ethic. I am just very happy in general without everything turned out.

If anyone is reading this, I am telling you, this was the greatest investment I have ever made for my business moving forward. Website development and design is the foundation to your success. With a bad foundation, what comes afterwards is destined for a collapse. Start off strong!
- Subhaan Ashrafi / CEO at STGMedia

Tio Hardiman shares his testimonial about hacksprout - chicago website design and development

"The man with the golden plan."

Sebastian is definitely on course to become one of the best web developers in the country. I say this based on his work on both of my websites. I chose to do business with Sebastian because he always made himself available and worked very efficiently to make sure that all of my needs were met in regards to maintaining my websites.

Working on websites is a very tedious process and web developers should have a lot of patience. Sebastian always stepped up to the plate to make sure that everything was close to perfect. My perception has changed completely after working with Sebastian because I had a very negative experience with a previous web developer. Some web developers feel like they own your website and are very slow to answer your request because they might not agree with you but if you pay for the website then it's your website. Sebastian did not display these types of behaviors.

I would describe Sebastian’s work as the man with the golden plan in the area of developing web sites.
- Tio Hardiman, Former Democratic Candidate for Governor of Illinois

Chuck Dushek shares his testimonial about hacksprout

"The most remarkable web development visionary."

Sebastian is the most remarkable "web development visionary" that I have ever run across. The development of a website in one thing... mainly a mechanical tech project to accomplish a defined objective. Seb goes a light year beyond that. He has fantastic skill, insights, ingenuity and creative vision to foresee opportunities and more successful web initiatives and objectives than what I could have visioned on my own, with 40 years of business experience.

Sebastian is extremely gifted with very mature, creative and business savvy abilities to vision, develop, build, ramp out via social media, and continually innovate and enhance upon the real-world economic results of web work he does for his clients.
- Chuck Dushek, CEO at BeerRadio

Ome testimonial on NaomeMakeup.com

"Sebastian was key to achieving a favorable outcome."

I had a tight deadline to deliver a website to a new entity and was fortunate to have found Sebastian. Sebastian's interpersonal skills and business acumen set him apart. He was instrumental to the project with his flexibility, team approach, and willingness to brainstorm and execute solutions until objectives were met! Most important was Sebastian's commitment to ensuring the overall success of initiative. Sebastian was key to achieving a favorable outcome.
- Mary Katherine Alberti, CEO at MK Marketing

Pat testimonial on IslandBin.com

"Knowledge, approach and communication."

I chose Sebastian because of the initial hands on approach and great communication. My preconceived notions about any web developer was that I was worried about the website not coming out as described. Not being able to get my vision on the web as well as planned. I know that with the right people working on my project will come out just the way you want it. This is where Sebastian came in. The best part of working with Sebastian was the understating of the project and when I described it to him, he knew exactly what to do and help me understand all of the steps as well as advised me with the project. His attention to detail and help addressing all questions and concerns I had.

While in the development process I expected more hick ups and issues along the way. But Sebastian was always a step ahead and the ability to visualize the project helped eliminate issues before happening. Before the beginning of the project as was worried about not being able to explain exactly what I wanted to accomplish with the website but after our initial phone conversation, Sebastian addressed all of my concerns and hesitations. My three biggest benefits of choosing Sebastian was the following: Knowledge, approach and communication. I would recommend Sebastian to anyone looking for quality work.
- Patrik Plebaniak, CEO at IslandBin

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